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Benefits of Scheduled Maintenance of Heavy Construction Equipment

A picture of heavy construction equipment

The demand for heavy construction equipment is on the rise in Canada. The industry is expected to grow by more than $1 billion through 2027. The compounding annual growth rate for construction equipment is 4.45%.

When demand rises, the price of new equipment is likely to increase as well. Rising prices make it even more important to maintain your existing fleet.

Read on to learn about the benefits of scheduled maintenance for heavy construction equipment. Explore topics such as the value of maintaining equipment and different types of construction vehicles.

Types of Construction Vehicles

There are many different types of construction vehicles that require scheduled maintenance. Excavators, compactors, articulated rock trucks, dozers, and graders are at the top of the list for land work. 

Forklifts, wheel loaders, snowcats, trailers, attachments, and water trucks are needed to support construction activities as well. Each of the aforementioned items needs maintenance to keep the project moving forward.

Avoid Costly Breakdowns of Heavy Equipment

Unless you have backup vehicles standing by, a breakdown may halt construction. If you do not have spare assets, you will need to spend funds on heavy equipment rentals.

Additionally, you still need to pay for the broken unit's repair or replacement. Labour and materials to repair a construction vehicle do not come cheap. You may need to pay for the vehicle to be transported to a repair shop.

Equipment rental, repair, and replacement costs all add up. Staying up with scheduled maintenance comes at a fraction of the cost.

It also boosts resale value. When a vehicle is well-maintained, it is going to snatch a higher sale price if you decide to sell it.

Increased Uptime of Heavy Equipment

Perhaps the most important benefit of scheduled maintenance is sustaining maximum tempo. When construction vehicles stay operational, you are able to stay on schedule and under budget.

There are many positive benefits that result from your equipment staying operational. Your company will earn a reputation for completing construction jobs expeditiously. In turn, you will earn new business to improve the company's cash flow.

Maximized Fleet and Equipment Performance

Equipment that is not properly maintained is not going to perform as well. It starts with deteriorating fuel efficiency. Next, components start to fail prematurely, forcing you to replace items.

A well-maintained fleet is going to get the job done more efficiently. Performing scheduled maintenance also extends the service life of your equipment. This pushes replacement costs further down the line and keeps operating costs down in the short term.

Your Guide to Maintaining Heavy Construction Equipment in Calgary

Your heavy equipment is going to remain operational for longer stretches of time if maintained properly. Maintenance of heavy equipment keeps construction activities on schedule and under budget, keeping your customers happy and wanting more.

It will also extend your equipment's service life and minimize costly repairs. Your company is likely to win new bids with a reputation for timely completions.

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